The architecture has a great influence of Persian & Hindu styles. There are many inscriptions from Holy Quran on the pillars of the monument. The monument is made of red and buff sandstone, black and white marble and is semi-octagonal in shape. There are also small turrets surrounding the gateway.


The Emperor Akbar built this mammoth monument to commemorate his victory over Gujarat in the year 1573. It took almost 12 years to build the monument. Among the other significant structures of Fatehpur Sikri , Buland Darwaza towers above all. This is one most beautiful structure that has been built with great passion.

Best Time To Visit:

Winter season is the best time to visit the monument i.e. from November-March. Buland Darwaza is open from 8AM-7PM on all days of the week. The entry fee is Rs 10 for Indians and Rs 750 for foreign tourists.